09 June 2018 - St. Peter's Raised-bed Garden

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St. Peter's Raised-bed Garden

At our AGM in May we heard news that the Maldon Pioneers have been offered a raised bed in the communal Gardens of St. Peters at the top of Market hill. This has been arranged by Dorreen Linton – Maldon in Bloom in Partnership with Maldon Town Council and local business.

Sam Tyrell who is the mother of one of our younger Pioneers has been liaising with Rhiain Oakley Community champion Tesco Maldon about the prospect of Tesco being able to help us with some plants for the project. The idea is that the Pioneers will take ownership of the bed and I have floated the idea of this becoming a place of calm reflection for Pioneers to enjoy and look after. Pioneer Members include a number of employees of Tesco and this project is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen this connection further. The next step is to arrange for the donated plans to be taken to the Garden location and I would like to gather a team to support the Pioneers with helping to do the planting and then moving forward help to maintain and look after the garden along side the Pioneers themselves.
We intend to take evidencing photos at every stage and these can be shared to show what we have all created. The garden wants be a place that Pioneers can go and work on as and when they can. It may be as part of a Thursday Group, Monday ‘drop-in’? Others may like to get together as a small working party to tend to the garden. You may however just feel like going there on your own to reflect or see it as a place to go with others to talk?
I propose that the garden be filled with Perennials (year after year) and reflect a traditional English cottage garden. In the sprit of Pioneers, the Garden should welcome input from other organisations and the general public all pulling together.
Gardens can mean different things to different people and mindful that Pioneers have lost some special friends over recent times; it would be appropriate that some Pioneers and helpers might wish to use this place to remember loved ones who sadly are no longer with us in person, only in memory.
We may therefore wish to include:
t-light style lanterns (minus the t-lights) in amongst the flowers?
Small wind chimes could be hung in the trees?
We may like to place small plaques with tributes and names around the wooden sleepers of the raised bed?
Dorreen is proposing that we organise a date for an unveiling ceremony and invite the previous Town Council Environment Officer to come back to Maldon for this special event.
Tony Morrell